Objects in colored starred circles with text “you know you want it.”
Hold up. What do you really (really) want?

The Instagram ads you are mysteriously compelled to click on are slowly molding your style preferences. You know the ad with the perfect looking french bulldog wearing the sleek pink harness for purchase. The dog is walking toward their monochromatic-outfitted-owner standing against a bold orange studio backdrop. …

Is it even possible to NOT sing along to Waterfalls by TLC ?

As I concentrate on reading labels in the Home Depot spray paint aisle, I catch myself humming along to the 90s TLC bop Waterfalls. …

For those who don’t know: IYKYK = If You Know You Know.

These 8 words drive modern-day friendships: Did you see the meme I sent you? Online communities with millions of people bond over repurposed images with new captions. The 5–10 seconds of a co-worker interpreting an image, gif, or video of a meme precedes a shared chuckle.

Data Journalism

3D bar graph of the gender breakdown of who MoMA acquires artwork from.
Orange above equals artworks MoMA acquired from solo white male artists. Image by author.

In a recent class project, I used MoMA’s collection dataset published on GitHub to create an interactive installation that reveals the dominant narratives being amplified. I break down the gender and ethnicities of the 15,222 records of artists who MoMA acquired artwork from between the years of 1930–2019.

The story arc of eating a cookie is quite complex (and dare I say thrilling).

This is not a reflection of 2020. The year where everything seemed to crash and burn leaving us with a lingering splash of disbelief and hysteria. As I write this on December 30th with two nights away from 2021, it all feels extremely anticlimactic.

This is a story about cookies.

Photo collage of a bird, human, and flower.
Hey, I’m still here. I’ve been here all along.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what goes into the things we care about. From my deep dives into random topics, I would enter as a skeptic and emerge from the surface with a new interest (staring into the abyss wondering why it took me this long). …

Andy Warhol style digital art with a women wearing a mask in colorful silk screen colors in a repeated grid.
PSA: Forgetting one’s mask is a downright tragedy.

It’s still hazy on where we stand on the progression of COVID-19 cases, but the country is beginning to re-open. Andy Warhol’s Death and Disaster series remind us that as we begin to resume our “regular” lives we risk becoming desensitized to the whirlwind of visceral emotions engendered by the…

These smart assistant devices are placed in the most intimate areas of our living spaces. My family has two Alexa and two Google Home devices that are primarily used for music (or to put an end to a trivial debate). …

Growing up, the struggle to return public library books was all too real. For starters, it was a hassle to remember when to pick up or return books, I couldn’t mark up the pages, and there was always a limited selection on-site. With Amazon, it has become easier to purchase…


In nearly every facet of our daily lives, changes and cancellations have been occurring at an abrupt pace. This pandemic has created a new reality for people across the globe — a virus revealing just how easy our sense of normalcy can be shattered. There are cities, streets, and buildings…

Yuna Shin

Seattle based writer and interaction designer who connects the dots between design, contemporary art, & pop culture. yuna-shin.com. Subscribe to my newsletter↓

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