How their paradoxical 90s pop music disrupts the story we tell ourselves

Is it even possible to NOT sing along to Waterfalls by TLC ?

What happens when an aesthetic begins to obscure culture & design possibilities?

Objects in colored starred circles with text “you know you want it.”
Hold up. What do you really (really) want?

Data Journalism

How art impacts our reference points for marginalized communities

3D bar graph of the gender breakdown of who MoMA acquires artwork from.
Orange above equals artworks MoMA acquired from solo white male artists. Image by author.

Keeping Institutions Accountable

In September 2019, MoMA opened up for the first time after an intense renovation. The goal: expand the museum and put “Picasso and Monet next to more recent, diverse artists.” This has become a common…

The perils and liberations of every day being the same.

The story arc of eating a cookie is quite complex (and dare I say thrilling).

Embracing bioregionalism in an attention economy.

Photo collage of a bird, human, and flower.
Hey, I’m still here. I’ve been here all along.

Andy Warhol style digital art with a women wearing a mask in colorful silk screen colors in a repeated grid.
PSA: Forgetting one’s mask is a downright tragedy.

Designing to disrupt AI assistants.


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